We’ve taken our 5-STAR Spanish Immersion Preschool online!

Fun, Simple 
Learning at Home

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Leave the Teaching to us! Our Unique, new, and improved Bilingual at-home Preschool Program ensures that your child never stops learning and growing!

Get instant access to 48 pre-recorded videos taught and recorded by our amazing & experienced teachers.

What exactly is Preschool at Home?

We know...The term "Preschool at Home" or even dare we say it...“Virtual Preschool” might be enough to send a parents blood pressure through the roof! You can just imagine trying to get your little one to sit and stare at a screen for hours on end. 

Well we have amazing news for you...That’s just the opposite of what our program entails.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine this:

  • Feeling confident knowing that your child is learning at home and getting between 30-60 minutes a day of stimulating and interactive learning 
  • Having structured time dedicated to your child and a consistent routine and schedule to follow
  • Not having to worry about what healthy, child-friendly meals to make for your kiddo during the day
  • And the best of all...Never having to piece together Pinterest crafts, random Youtube videos, and random online worksheets EVER again (*crowd cheers!*)

We understand that families now more than ever need flexibility and safe learning options. We created a comprehensive, affordable 12-week Online Preschool Program to help families have an added option for their kiddos to learn, gain confidence and creativity, and develop skills all while having fun from the comfort and safety of their homes. 


Who is the Program For?

Students of all ages are welcome, however our program is best suited for little ones aged 3-5!

Our program is also an excellent option for teachers and child care facilities looking to implement an English-Spanish bilingual curriculum into their classroom or program! 

What’s Included in the

Preschool at Home Program?

We’re so glad you asked! Our Program consists of 12 weeks of super fun and engaging content aimed at creating a feel that mirrors a real-life preschool to make sure your little one doesn’t feel left out.

Here’s what is included in the program:

  • 48 pre-recorded 30-minute videos filmed by our experienced educators and our beloved mascot Ollie the Owl dedicated to delivering an online learning experience that your child will absolutely love
  • ​Lesson plans with a list of materials needed so that you and your child are always prepared beforehand
  • ​We’re dedicated to health and wellness just as much as we are to education, which is why we’ve included a monthly healthy menu complete with a grocery shopping list!
  • ​Monday-Friday customer support service, we're here to make sure your child has the best online learning experience!

Get instant access to the entire semester after purchasing!

Here’s a sneak peak at one of our classes:

- The Humble Hearts Academy Difference -

 Why Choose Us?

Fun & Engaging

It’s no secret that kids enjoy learning when the content and educators are engaging. Say goodbye to boring lessons! In our online Preschool program, we incorporate content in such a way that your kids will look forward to it every single day. We’ve spent hours facilitating learning online and we know what children love and what gets them excited!

Bilingual Program

Our program is one of the few English-Spanish Bilingual preschool programs out there. We leverage a child’s capacity to learn new languages quickly at an early age by incorporating the Spanish Language into our daily lessons.

75 Years of Experience

We’re a real Brick & Mortar Preschool, with teachers who have a combined experience of 75 years! We have worked with hundreds of students in the past, and while we might have shifted gears to include a new online model, our commitment to your child’s development remains the same.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We thrive when your little one thrives. It’s that simple. We’ve created a name for ourselves in the community, and reached the heights we have because of the satisfaction we provide to the parents who trust us with their child’s growth. We intend to maintain the status quo with our Preschool at Home program as well!

Our Philosophy & Mission

Our mission revolves around the philosophy of no child left behind! We subscribe to the notion that each child deserves special attention, and assistance to truly be able to thrive. Our sole purpose is to make sure that children are happy and learning and that our parents and families feel supported.

Our Philosophy & Mission

At Humble Hearts, we’re all about creating an online community with a family feel alongside engaging education. We truly believe that it takes a village and we want to roll up our sleeves and walk side-by-side with you during these early years of your child’s life. We’re confident that our Preschool at Home will be a unique experience for your little ones; one they’ll never forget!

Hear from our current Online Preschool families:

We’ve had dozens of happy parents rave about our previous programs. But don’t just take our word for it; hear what they’re saying:

"My Son is 4 and attends class 5 days a week. Every day he wakes up happy and excited to attend his class. He is sad on the weekend when there is no class, and thrilled when Monday rolls back around so he can attend class! I love the hands-on activities that my son is working to build Fine motor skills, expressive language, comprehension and building his attention span. He has made so much progress in all of these areas. We are very excited and looking forward to the progress he will make with HHA in the future!" - Sheena H.
"Thank you for all that you are doing. She loves Ms Elizabeth and I also appreciate this sooo much. It really helps me keep her motivated during this rough time."  
- Monica G.

"She really enjoys your class. Thank you for motivating her to keep learning during these difficult times. You do a great job engaging the kids!" 
- Amy F.

“I was referred by a friend to this program and I’m so happy that we joined! My son really missed attending preschool and this gives him something new and fun to be excited about again. ” 
- Tiffany L.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I get access to the program?
 Right away! After you complete your purchase you will be prompted to create a login for our online portal. You will be sent a welcome email immediately after purchase.
What if my child does not love the program?
We’re certain your little one will love our program! We've made sure that our program is well-rounded and that children as well as parents can have plenty of learning options to choose from. 
Can I use this program if my child is currently attending an in-person program? 
Absolutely! Our program is a perfect supplement to in-person learning. Many of our families enjoy the bilingual learning and use our program to start introducing their child to the Spanish language. 
What equipment do I need?
Your child will need access to a desktop, laptop, or tablet to get started. We suggest headphones as well if the child does not have a quiet area that is free from distractions to work in. If you would like your child to follow along with the crafts, then you will need to purchase those materials (we try to use common household materials as much as possible!). A material list will be provided with each lesson.
Isn’t it not ideal for young children to have too much screen time?
Our program allows parents the ability to choose how much screen time their child has. For example, you can choose to follow the lesson plans on your own without watching the videos. Also, we made sure to include off-screen activities to give our families more options!
How long will I have access to the program?
You will have access to the 12 weeks of content for 1 year. 
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